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With Bcakground Civil Engineering Operator
Bonded & Full Covrage General Liability Insurence
Licence #974745

About us

Bay Sun Electric is a electrical company. We are licensed, and insured company. We have been expertly serving the Greater Bay Area since 2008.  Bay Sun Electric is a fully insured electrical contractor with $2M liability coverage through the Acord Insurance Company and the ability to be bonded for larger scale projects. Bay Sun Electric is a local and independent provider with many years of experience in the electrical field and counstraction to provide our customers a product that exceeds all others.  Bay Sun Electrical Contracting is clean, efficient and respectful of our clients and their property. Keep in mind that Bay Sun Electric ia a small company in Bay Area that does not believe it needs to hire an the best lawyers in San Francisco to write pages of legal entrapments to default you into agreements that you don't understand. We are Simple electrical company, but we prove with our jobs we did.  

Bay Sun Electric is an expert in residential remodeling with specific experience in Loving Rooms, Dining Rooms, and additions. Our truckit has all equipped we need for every electrical job and we use quality materials to ensure that you receive the service you expect. From replacing a light switch to complete home rewiring, every job is treated with the same urgency-call Bay Sun Electric today!  We pride ourselves on the ability to respond quickly to our clintes. From this moment you can call or email us. You can always expect a live and profesinal person answering; an appointment you can be sure we will stick to; a fully trained expert coming to your home. We guarantee our job with our experince and insurance!

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