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Building codes:
Most new homes are wired to handle almost all of your electrical needs.
Certain appliances such as Dryer, Microwave and ranges draw lots of power once they are connected to a circuit and require a dedicated circuit in order to work properly without any interruptions in the service. If you have been experiencing problem with any large appliances that are connected to the standard home outlets then you will need to make a modification and have a dedicated circuit for each of those appliances. Many older homes do not have the proper wiring that is required for powering a microwave therefore each time microwave is used additional strain is imposed on the electrical system. Also a new trend is emerging where microwaves are installed over the range using the exhaust fan wiring which is a dangerous practice and can result in serious fire hazard.

Many older houses do not have GFCI plugs in their kitchens, bathrooms and backyards. The GFCI plug has a built in mechanism that will automatically trip once it sense a potential electric shock. A wet surface such as wet hands can be very dangerous when it comes in contact with a live plug. GFCI plug can reduce the risk of electrocution and make your house a much safer place.

It might seem strange, but there are still many older houses without a smoke detector.
Not having a smoke detector makes your house an unsafe environment and puts the well being of your entire family at risk in case there is a fire. Smoke alarms go off as soon as they sense presence of carbon monoacid in the air, this is a great feature especially at nights when most people are asleep. Smoke alarms have saved many lives in the past and will continue to do so in the future and every single house should be equipped with one. If your house is missing smoke detector we strongly recommend to install one immediately.

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